1. How long does it take to complete the course?

A. The average course completion time is currently 10 weeks. We have had students take as long as six months and others complete everything within six weeks! It depends on how much time you're able to commit to studying.

2. What is the investment for the personal trainer course?

A. 2 Course Options. Starting at $95/mo.. Please apply and receive our current course pricing. Updated quarterly.

3. Is prior experience required?

A. No, however, those with some background in business, exercise and nutrition find the material a little easier to understand.

4. Travel and lodging?

A. BDU recommends AirBNB.com to secure lodging.

5. Why is an interview required?

A. BDU interviews all potential students to ensure all expectations and financial qualifications can be fulfilled.

6. Do you have live in-person classes?

A. Yes, BDU offers live hands-on intensive courses. However, we do offer an online option for our Personal Trainer Course which can be completed at any time.

7. How does BDU differ from ACE and NASM?

A. BDU is an academic partner with both ACE and NASM, which are both NCCA accredited organizations. BDU works with the ACE and NASM organizations preparing students to sit for their Personal Trainer Certification Exams. Some BDU Courses Include the ACE or NASM Personal Trainer Certification as well as our proven educational system and business success model.

8. What is required to maintain certification?

A. BDU's Certificate of Completion has no further CEC requirements and does not expire. Both ACE and NASM certifications do have specific requirements for CEC's within 2 years of initial certification.

9. What study materials are there?

A. Enrollees in the Personal Trainer Course receive Online Video Presentations, Personal Trainer Course Workbook. Plus flashcards, practice tests, and study games with the free mobile application. Included in the Tuition.

10. Where is BDU located?

A. BDU is located at 568 14th Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

11. Are online courses offered?

A. Yes, BDU does provide an online option for our Personal Trainer Course. Our online course is a great alternative for students looking for a more affordable and flexible option.

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