1. How long does it take to become Certified?

A. The average course takes 6 weeks to complete, with some students finishing in as little as 4 weeks and others taking up to six months. The duration depends on your available study time.

2. What is the tuition for the course?

A. Please apply to receive information about our current certification enrollment options. We have four options ranging from Online Self-paced to Live In-person. These are updated quarterly.

3. Is prior experience required?

A. No, our certification course was created to assist those without any formal education in exercise science, advanced nutrition, or business. All that is required is a passion for helping others.

4. Do you have in-person and online options?

A. Yes, we offer both a live in-person course for hands-on learners and a completely online self-paced certification course for convenience.

5. What study materials and support are there?

A. Enrollees in the Personal Trainer Certification Course receive a Dedicated Student Success Coach, Online Video Presentations, a Hardcopy Textbook, a Course Workbook, Flashcards, Practice Exams, and much more.

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