Developing industry-leaders since 2002.

Mission Statement: To be the World’s Leading School for Personal Trainers.

We teach fitness enthusiasts how to use their exercise and nutrition passion to help others and earn a rewarding income.

Our Vision: Seeing our business through the customer’s eyes and responding as a team, to their needs, at or above their expectations.

Since 2002, Body Design University has been dedicated to helping Personal Trainers reach their career and business goals while improving their overall industry experience with a Personal Training course founded on the principles of safety, convenience, self-motivation, customer service, real science, simplicity, fun, and return on effort.

While managing over 300 Personal Trainers in forty health clubs between six states, it became clear to the management team at Body Design Personal Training that there was a tremendous need for a proven Personal Training course that could provide Personal Trainers the skills needed to be industry-leading Personal Trainers.

Beyond your average online, or “self-study only” certification, Body Design University is the elite hands-on Personal Training business school designed for experienced and aspiring Personal Trainers! Our goal is to develop qualified Personal Trainers, not simply certified Personal Trainers.

Our Team

We have an incredibly talented group of passionate people committed to helping develop the best Personal Trainers in the industry!

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