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Beyond your average online, or “self-study only” certification, Body Design University is an elite hands-on Personal Training business school designed for experienced and aspiring Personal Trainers.

Our innovative and comprehensive personal trainer course will give you the education, skills, and confidence needed to become a successful Personal Trainer. Our goal is to develop the best Personal Trainers in the nation – not simply certify them.

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Graduates Receive Two Credentials:

The live course includes 96 hours of intense classroom training, hands-on instruction, and internship time with successful Personal Trainers working in the industry. Our course will prepare you to sit for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) or the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification exams. Certification and all study materials included.

Certificate of Completion

96 HOUR CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION IN PERSONAL TRAINING. This requires no upkeep of Continuing Education Courses (CEC’s) and never expires. Many in the Personal Training industry claim this as the highest level of practical and business education one can receive.


ACE-CPT OR NASM-CPT CERTIFICATION. The NCCA accredited Certification combined with the BDU Certificate of Completion will prepare you to be one of the most qualified Personal Trainers in the industry.

Full Course Syllabus:

In the #1 recommended Personal Training Certification Course, we’ll give you everything
you need to train anyone in our proven system confidently.

6 course modules covering: getting started, exercise science, advanced nutrition, PT business, human behavior and customer experience.

Seats are Filling Fast!

Full Course Syllabus:

In the #1 recommended Personal Training Certification Course, we’ll give you everything you need to train anyone in our proven system confidently.

Module 1: Getting Started

Industry Overview


Study Plan

Code of Ethics

Course Goals

Studying Strategies

Professional Guidelines

Liability & Negligence

Scope of Practice

Human Anatomy


Physiology of Training

Cardiovascular Exercise

Muscular Strength

Fitness Testing

Exercise Plan Creation

Program Design

Common Injuries

Caloric Need

Macro Nutrients

Micro Nutrients

Meal Frequency

Meal Plan Creation

GMO's / Organics

Diet Myths & Fads

Sports Nutrition

Supplement Review

Seats are Filling Fast!

Brand Building

Operational Systems

Business Goals

Business Planning

Social Media

Marketing Strategies

FB/Instagram Ads

Sales Science

Pricing & Packaging

Lifestyle Modification

Client Leadership


Teaching Skills

Stages of Change

Decision Making

Program Adherence

Sleep Hygiene


Fitness Testing


5 Star Service

Unexpected Situations

Small Group Training

Building Community


Retention Programs

Emergency Procedures

"Learn Best by Doing"

By completing this course, you'll be prepared and qualified to:

Launch your own industry-leading business or practice as a Personal Trainer online and in health clubs, vacation resorts, spas, private practices, fitness centers, corporate programs, hotels, country clubs, cruise ships, and athletic teams.

Course instructor Doug teaches hands on with students in the Body Design gym.

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