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Receive an instant email with current certification details, schedule and syllabus.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to become Nationally Certified?

A. The average course takes 10 weeks to complete, with some students finishing in as little as six weeks and others taking up to six months. The duration depends on your available study time.

2. Why should I enroll at BDU versus any other certification school?

A. Our BDU 6 Modules cover Getting Started, Exercise Science, Advanced Nutrition, Strategic Business, Human Behavior, and Customer Experience. We care about our students. Over 20 years of certifying Personal Trainers. We offer incredible student support. National accreditation, respect, and recognition. Job guarantee. Our community of over 4,500 supportive students. Highest Rated and Affordable.

3. What is the tuition for the course?

A. Please apply and receive our current course pricing we have 6 options. Updated quarterly.

4. Is prior experience required?

A. No, our course was created to assist those without formal education in exercise science, nutrition, or business.

5. Why is an interview required?

A. We conduct interviews with all potential students to ensure that expectations can be met and to confirm shared core values. Our goal is to ensure mutual compatibility between our school and prospective students. Please note that we do not accept all applicants.

6. Do you have live in-person and online options?

A. Yes, we offer both a live two-week hands-on intensive certification course and a fully online self-paced course.

7. How does BDU differ from ACE and NASM?

A. BDU is an academic partner with ACE and NASM, both NCCA-accredited organizations. We prepare students for the ACE or NASM Personal Trainer Certification Exams through our courses and proven educational system.

8. What study materials are there?

A. Enrollees in the Personal Trainer Certification Course receive Online Video Presentations, Hardcopy Textbook, Course Workbook, Flashcards, Practice Exams, and much more. Included in the Tuition.

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